Price Reductions On Select Items In Our Catalog

When we released our last printed catalog in 2017, you may have noticed that we had been working to reduce prices on quite a few items in our catalog. We have continued on with this mission and have been working tirelessly to find new sources for parts as well as better methods of producing parts that have allowed us to lower our prices on many items in our inventory-while still maintaining the same quality of products. We've been updating our online catalog since its release with corrections and new information as well as prices changes. We would like to make you all aware of these changes to allow you to take advantage of the best prices we have been able to offer on select items. We will continue to review and update our prices and we hope to be able to offer more price reductions in the future.

NEW 230 & 218 Engine Water Distribution Tube

Part #CC637432 NOW ONLY $55 EACH!


NEW 237 & 251 Engine Water Distribution Tube

Part #CC954281 NOW ONLY $59 EACH!


NEW 251 Fuel Pump

Vehicle Type: D 1961-71

Part #CC2279903 NOW ONLY $88 EACH!


NOS/NEW M37/M43 Horn Button Repair Kit

(NOS cable & button cover)

Horn Button Cable Insulator not included but sold separately

Vehicle Type: E,F

FSN: 2590-00-606-8503 NOW ONLY $60 EACH!


NOS/NEW Horn Button Repair Kit

(black button with NOS cable)

Vehicle Type: A,B,C,D, Also fits1934-56 2WD

Part #CC996416 NOW ONLY $60 EACH!


NEW ‘46-57 Polished Stainless Steel Emblems

New Reproduction beautiful polished stainless steel civilian Power Wagon (flat fender & 1957 W100/200) hood and front radiator cowl emblems for 1946-57 trucks. Are your emblems scratched, corroded, or missing? These reproduction emblems are the perfect replacement — excellent quality.

Note: These can also be made to fit 58-68 models by slightly modifying the location of the mounting holes. They are different from the original 58-68 emblems.

Vehicle Type: D 1946-57

• New “DODGE” Emblem

Part #CC1095796 NOW ONLY $175 EACH!

• New “POWER” Emblem

Part #CC1095888 NOW ONLY $175 EACH!

• New “WAGON” Emblem

Part #CC1095889 NOW ONLY $175 EACH!


NEW Canvas Cab Top Strap (windshield to cab bow) [ORD #7375409]

(2) required

Vehicle Type: E,F

Part #CC1279499 NOW ONLY $35 EACH!


NOS Tire Bead Clip [ORD #520800]

Vehicle Type: E,F

Part #CC1273643 NOW ONLY $5 EACH!


NEW Slope-Top Master Cylinder

Vehicle Type: B,C,(D 1946-66)

Part #CC920817 NOW ONLY $129 EACH!

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