The Dodge Power Wagon DVD - ACC-109

The Dodge Power Wagon DVD - ACC-109

Vintage Power Wagons

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The full uncut version from 1950! See in full color, the story of the development of the Dodge Power Wagon. Great film footage of this famous truck hard at work on farms, ranches, reptile farms & even swamps, fighting forest fires, feeding cattle, pushing through snow, plowing/disking, planting and cutting wood and even some footage of the ranch house wife going to Safeway in the Power Wagon! Some fantastic scenes of brand new Dodge’s being put to the test, stuff you’ll never see anywhere else. Includes rare film clips on the testing of the World War II era WC 3/4 ton and 6x6. Unique footage showcasing the 3-point hitch, rear belt pulley and winch are included in this great, must-see film. Don’t miss it. 74 minutes, full color.


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