Vehicle Identification - Type E: US Made Dodge M37, M43 & Variants (1951-1968)

M-Series Military Dodge

Years mfg. 1951-68 

Main distinguishing features:

  • These vehicles all equipped with a 24 volt waterproof ignition system

  • New Process synchronized transmission

  • New Process 200 transfer case

  • 5:83 axle gear ratio

  • 230 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder engine

  • 9:00 X 16 military non-directional tires

  • 1-piece flat hood

M37; M37B1


M43; M43B1

These vehicles were built in primarily 2 basic models, the weapons carrier (M-37 & M-37B1) and the ambulance (M- 43 & M-43B1). Earlier models, M-37 and M-43 used Douglas (metal), waterproof wiring connectors, while the M-37B1 and M-43B1 used Packard (rubber) wiring connectors. M-37 spare tires were mounted in the pickup box, while the M-37B1 had the spare mounted on a swinging cradle on the driver’s door. All M-43’s had the spare tire mounted on the swinging cradle on the driver’s door.


Also built were several other models produced in limited quantity including: a maintenance truck (V41), command truck (M-42), and airport rescue crash truck (M-56 & M-56C). There were 110,840 Dodge M-series vehicles produced in the US.


Great availability of parts make this truck a desirable vehicle.