Vehicle Identification - 1939-47 Dodge/Fargo & 1939-41 Plymouth 2WD Trucks

Includes model numbers on:

  • 1939-47 Dodge: T, V & W Series 2WD Trucks 

  • 1939-47 Fargo: FH, FL & FK Series 2WD Trucks

  • 1939-40 Dodge Canada: DD & DB Series 2WD Trucks

  • 1939-41 Plymouth: PT Series 2WD Trucks



    1939 T-Series 2WD Dodge Truck Models:

    TC, TD-15, TD-20, TD-21, TE-20, TE-21, TE-22, TE-30, TE-31, TE-32, TF-29, TFA-29, TF-30, TFA-30, TF-35, TFA-35, TF-36, TFA-36, TF-37, TF-37-X, TFA-37, TF-38, TF-38-X, TFA-38, TF-39, TG-40, TGA-40, TG-41, TGA-41, TG-42, TGA-42, TG-43, TGA-43, TG-44, TGA-44, TH-45, THA-45, TH-46, THA-46, TH-47, THA-47, TH-48, THA-48, TH-49, THA-49, TK-60, TKA-60, TK-61, TKA-61, TK-62, TKA-62, TK-63, TKA-63, TKD-60, TKDA-60, TKD-61, TKDA-61, TKD-62, TKDA-62, TKD-63, TKDA-63, TL-50, TLA-50, TL-51, TLA-51, TL-52, TLA-52, TLD-50, TLDA-50, TLD-53, TLDA-53

    The 1939 T-Series 2WD Dodge truck models were available in three different sizes: half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton. They were equipped with a 3-speed manual transmission and a 6-cylinder engine that produced 79 horsepower. The half-ton model had a wheelbase of 116 inches, while the three-quarter-ton and one-ton models had a wheelbase of 123 inches.

    1940 V-Series 2WD Dodge Truck Models: 

    VC, VD-15, VD-20, VD-21, VF-20, VFA-20,VF-21, VFA-21, VF-22, VFA-22, VF-27, VF-28, VF-29, VFA-29, VF-30, VFA-30, VF-31, VFA-31, VF-32, VFA-32,VF-33, VFA-33, VF-39, VG-40, VGA-40, VG-41, VGA-41, VG-42, VGA-42, VG-43, VGA-43, VG-44, VGA-44, VH-45, VHA-45, VH-46, VHA-46, VH-47, VHA-47, VH-48, VHA-48, VH-49, VHA-49, VK-60, VKA-60, VK-61, VKA-61, VK-62, VKA-62, VK-63, VKA-63, VKD-60, VKDA-60, VKD-61, VKDA-61, VKD-62, VKDA-62, VKD-63, VKDA-63, VL-50, VLA-50, VLD-50, VLDA-50, VLD-51, VLDA-51, VLD-53, VLDA-53, VR-40, VRA-40, VR-42, VRA-42, VR-43, VRA-43, VS-45, VSA-45,VS-47, VSA-47, VS-48, VSA-48

    The 1940 V-Series 2WD Dodge Truck Models were heavy-duty vehicles designed for commercial and industrial use. They were available in a range of configurations, including pickups, flatbeds, stake beds, and panel vans. The trucks were powered by a 6-cylinder engine, which could produce up to 84 horsepower, and had a maximum payload of 2,000 pounds. The exterior featured a streamlined design and the interior was basic but functional, with durable seats and gauges.


    1941-1947 W-Series 2WD Dodge Truck Models: 

    WC, WD-15, WD-20, WD-21, WF-20, WFA-20, WF-21, WFA-21,WF-22, WFA-22, WF-23, WF-30, WFA-30, WF-33, WFA-33, WF-39, WF-31, WFX-31, WFA-31, WFAX-31, WF-32, WFX-32, WFA-32 WFAX-32, WF-34, WFX-34, WFA-34, WFAX-34, WF-36, WFX-36, WFA-36, WFAX-36, WG-40, WGA-40, WGAX-40 WG-41, WGA-41, WGAX-41, WG-42, WGA-42, WGAX-42 WG-43, WGA-43, WGAX-43, WG-44, WGA-44, WGAX-44, WH-45, WHX-45, WHA-45, WHAX-45, WH-46, WHX-46, WHA-46, WHAX-46, WH-47, WHX-47, WHA-47, WHAX-47, WH-48, WHX-48, WHA-48, WHAX-48, WH-49, WHX-49, WHA-49, WHAX-49, WJ-55, WJ-56, WJ-57, WJ-58, WJ-59, WK-60, WKA-60, WK-61, WKA-61,WK-62, WKA-62, WK-63, WKA-63, WK-65, WR-65, WK-66, WR-66, WK-67, WR-67, WK-68, WR-68, WK-69, WR-69, WKD-60, WKDA-60, WKD-61, WKDA-61, WKD-62, WKDA-62, WKD-63, WKDA-63, WL-50, WLA-50, WL-51, WLA-51

    The W-Series 2WD Dodge Truck models from 1941 to 1947 were known for their durability and versatility. The W-Series included the WC, WD, WF, and WG models, which were available in different wheelbases and configurations. These trucks were powered by inline-six engines, and some models had the option of a four-speed manual transmission. They were commonly used for commercial and military purposes during World War II.

    1939-40 Dodge Canada DD-Series & DB-Series 2WD Truck Models: 

    D8A, D15, D60S, D60S/DD, D60L, D60L/D, DBM3-05, DBM3-29, DBM3-59, DBM4-05, DBM4-29, DBM4-59, DB1, DB2-20, DB2-33, DB3-33, DB 3-60, DB7-36, DB7-60, DB7-78, DB7-20

    The 1939-40 Dodge Canada DD-Series and DB-Series 2WD truck models were a line of pickups produced by Chrysler's Canadian division. They were available in various body styles with a range of engines, including a 201-cubic inch, six-cylinder engine that produced 85 horsepower. The DD-Series was a heavy-duty line, while the DB-Series was a lighter-duty line. These trucks were popular for their durability and versatility, and were used for a variety of purposes, from agriculture to transportation.

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    1939-40 Fargo FH-Series 2WD Truck Models: 

    FH1-16, FH2-20, FH2-33, FH3-33, FH3-60, FH4-33, FH4-60, FH4-90, FH6-36, FH6-60, FH6-78, FH6-20

    The 1939-40 Fargo FH-Series 2WD Truck Models were equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine that could produce up to 75 horsepower. These trucks were available in various body styles including a panel delivery, stake bed, platform, and cab-over-engine. They featured a 3-speed manual transmission and hydraulic brakes for improved stopping power. With a maximum payload capacity of 2,300 pounds, these trucks were capable of handling heavy loads. The stylish exterior design and reliable performance made the Fargo FH-Series a popular choice among commercial truck buyers during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

    1941 Fargo FK-Series 2WD Truck Models: 

    The 1941 Fargo FK-Series included a range of 2WD truck models, including the FK1, FK2, and FK3. These trucks were equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and had a carrying capacity of up to 2.5 tons. They also featured a solid front axle, hydraulic brakes, and a 4-speed manual transmission. The FK-Series was popular among farmers, businesses, and the military during World War II. Today, these trucks are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their rugged durability and classic styling.

    Note that we may have limited parts for these models. 

    1942-47 Fargo FL-Series 2WD Truck Models:

    The Fargo FL-Series 2WD Truck Models were produced by the Chrysler Corporation from 1942-47. These trucks featured a range of engines, including a 201 cu in inline-six and a 230 cu in inline-six. The FL-Series also offered a variety of body styles for different uses, including pickup trucks, panel trucks, and cab-over-engine models.
    It's important to note that Canadian Made Fargo FL Series Trucks had either Canadian made cabs that used a lot of US parts that will interchange with the standard 1939-47 Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto cabs OR they had Australian made TJ Richards cabs that don't interchange with most hardware on most 1939-47 Dodge, Plymouth or Desoto cabs. Note that we may have limited parts for these models. 

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    1939-41 Plymouth PT-Series Models: 

    PT81, PT105, PT125

    The 1939-41 Plymouth PT-Series Truck Models were a range of light-duty trucks manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation under their Plymouth brand. These trucks were available with a variety of body styles, including pick-up, panel & canopy. They were powered by a 201 cubic inch, six-cylinder engine that produced 82 horsepower, paired with a three-speed manual transmission. These trucks were designed for daily use and were marketed towards farmers, small businesses, and local delivery services. The PT-Series trucks were considered reliable and durable workhorses during their time and are highly sought after by collectors today.

    Note that we may have limited parts for these models. 

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