33rd Annual Power Wagon Rally Cancellation Notice & Rally Shirts

Posted by Kai Butler on

Hello All, Bert here.

Well It wasn't a decision that was made lightly, I missed a lot of sleep trying to figure out how to still pull this off. Looking at all of the surrounding circumstances, I feel cancelling the 33rd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally was the best decision.

 There were just too many unknowns to the point where we don't have any idea if we will be allowed to have it, per the CDC and our Governor. Planning for numbers of people for events and food, heck that is almost impossible to do on a good year. As I sit here on my tailgate, I might even have a tear in my eye. I am sipping on my cup of coffee and really hope you all understand.

 If you have already registered for the rally, we will absolutely credit your card or send you your check back.

  I know you probably want one of those rally shirts, even though the events aren't being held. We can certainly help you and your family with some shirts but I cannot trade you T-shirts for rally registration fees, that could make our bookkeeper rather unhappy. On a brighter note, when we do sell these T-shirts, the profits will go to local charities helping local families and kids. You may not even know it but the Power Wagon Rally is one of the biggest events to annually come to the city of Fairfield! The folks and businesses in town are going to miss having all of you here this year, but hopefully we can still put a smile on the faces of those in need.

  Don't forget to call the Hotels and Motels to cancel your reservations there as well. I know this is news we didn't want to have to tell and you didn't want to hear, but deep down we know this is for the best. We want all of you safe and healthy, and look forward to seeing you next year.

The next rally will be held June 6th through the 13th of 2021.

Thank you everyone!!!

 -Bert & the VPW Crew

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