Vehicle Type A

WWII WC 1/2 Ton Open-Cab Comman Car WC6, WC15, WC23, WC7, WC24, WC8, WC16, WC25

WWII WC 1/2 TON 4X4 

Years mfg. 1941-42  

Main distinguishing features:

  • Rounded front military vertical bar grill

  • Forward sloping hood with vertical hood side louvers

  • Rectangular stamped metal “Dodge” name plates on either side of hood

  • Butterfly style hood must be opened to fill radiator

  • Single speed transfer case

  • 4.89 axle gear ratio

  • 218 & 230 flathead 6 cylinder engines

WC 1/2 ton Closed Cab; WC1; WC5; WC12; WC14; WC40

WC 1/2 ton Command Car: WC6; WC15; WC23;

Winch Models: WC7; WC24;

Radio Models: WC8; WC16; WC25;

WWII WC 1/2 Ton Closed Cab WC1, WC5, WC12, WC14, WC40

The WC 1/2 Ton 4x4 tends to be one of the more difficult ones to positively identify model #’s. With essentially only one year of production, over 30 different models were produced: WC1, WC3, WC4, WC5, WC6, WC7, WC8, WC9, WC10, WC11, WC12, WC13, WC14, WC15, WC16, WC17, WC18, WC19, WC21, WC22, WC23, WC24, WC25, WC26, WC27, WC36, WC39, WC40, WC41, WC42, WC43 & WC50.  Many body styles were available, including: closed cab and chassis, closed cab pickup, command car, radio command car, carryall, ambulance, panel truck, telephone maintenance, open cab pickup and some winch models. Production was broken into 3 series, denoted by a 4 digit engineering code as the first part of the engine serial number, stamped on the left side of the block just below the head.


  • First Series

T-207-includes models WC-1 thru WC-11 mfg. 1941
Additional Distinguishing Features: civilian square gauges, front black out marker lights mount on headlights, 11" rear brake drums.


  • Second Series

T-211-includes models WC-12 thru WC-20 mfg. 1941-42
Additional Distinguishing Features: civilian square gauges, front black out marker lights mount on fenders, 2 piece chassis wiring harness uses round bakelite junction block mounted on drivers side of the firewall. 14" rear brake drums.


  • Third Series

T-215-includes models WC-21 thru WC-43 mfg. 1942
Additional Distinguishing Features: round standard military gauges, 14" rear brake drums.


Some 2 wheel drive models with civilian style grills and fenders were included in the above series. Also the rare pre-war 1940 VC 1/2 ton 4x4 series is included in this section for simplicity. Grills and fenders are similar to all 1939-1947 2 wheel drive models.


These trucks are quite collectable and hundreds are currently under restoration or in use all over the world.

The 1/2 WC 4x4 saw mainly stateside service during World War II and therefore are scarce outside the United States. Parts availability is excellent at Vintage Power Wagons for these unique vehicles.