TM 9-810 1-1/2-Ton 6x6 Truck (Dodge) (1945) - RBK-500

TM 9-810 1-1/2-Ton 6x6 Truck (Dodge) (1945) - RBK-500

Vintage Power Wagons

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A guide to vehicle operation, lubrication, preventive maintenance, engine, fuel system, cooling system, ignition system, radio interference suppression, lighting system, gages, misc. electrical equipment, wiring, transmission, PTO, T-case, propeller shafts, axles, brakes, wheels and tires, steering, frame, springs and shocks, body, winch, vehicle storage and shipment and troubleshooting for 1-1/2-Ton models WC-62 through WC-63. Includes step-by-step instruction, detailed diagrams and part lists.

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