Reconditioned 11" 4-Finger Clutch Pressure Plate - LL4PP24

Reconditioned 11" 4-Finger Clutch Pressure Plate - LL4PP24

Vintage Power Wagons

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Fits Various Miscellaneous & Heavy Duty Vehicles 

Heavy-Duty Trucks: Many heavy-duty trucks, such as semi-trucks and dump trucks, use pressure plates with these specifications. These trucks are designed to transport heavy loads over long distances, and a robust clutch system is essential for their operation.

Agricultural Equipment: Large tractors and combine harvesters used in agriculture often employ clutches with 11-inch diameter discs and 10-spline input shafts. These machines require high torque and durability to handle the demands of farming tasks.

Construction Equipment: Some types of construction equipment, like bulldozers and excavators, may use pressure plates with similar specifications. These machines need a strong clutch to power their heavy-duty operations.

Industrial Machinery: Various industrial applications that involve heavy machinery and equipment might utilize pressure plates with these specifications. Examples include manufacturing equipment and mining machinery.

Custom and Modified Vehicles: In some cases, custom or modified vehicles, including off-road trucks and specialty vehicles, may use these pressure plates to meet specific performance requirements.


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