ORD 9 SNL G-741 TO 36A0 - RBK-412

ORD 9 SNL G-741 TO 36A0 - RBK-412

Vintage Power Wagons

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ORD 9 SNL G-741 TO 36A-1-394 List of All Service Parts for Truck, Cargo, 3/4-Ton, 4x4, M37; Truck, Command, 3/4-Ton 4x4, M42; Truck, Ambulance, 3/4-Ton, 4x4, M43; Truck, Maintenance, 3/4-Ton, 4x4 M201 (January 1954) Complete parts list including Stock No., Federal Stock No., Ordnance and MFG Part No., Unit of Issue, Quantity incorporated in Unit, Reference Symbols and assembled and disassembled parts view diagrams for 3/4 ton models M37, M42, M43 and M201.

507 pages.

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