New Auburn Max LunchBox Differential Lockers - NDLRL12

New Auburn Max LunchBox Differential Lockers - NDLRL12

Vintage Power Wagons

  • $395.00

Auburn Max mechanical locker is our new replacement for the Nitro Lunchbox Locker and provides power to both wheels equally when throttle is applied. Auburn Max locker is a Lunchbox style locker that replaces the spider gears in an open differential. Clicking noise while cornering and extra driveline slop are common side affects of a mechanical locker. Mechanical lockers may be to noisy and aggressive for some applications. 

  • Made from High Strength 9310 Steel
  • Revolutionary Design
  • Replaces Spider Gear in a Standard Open Carrier
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Application: Dodge 9.625"

Axle Splines: 16

Compatible Carrier: Standard Open (will Not fit posi/locker)


[Vehicle Type B] Dodge WWII WC 3/4 Ton 4x4 (1943-1945)-Late
[Vehicle Type C] Dodge WWII WC 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 (1943-1945)
[Vehicle Type D] Dodge, Fargo & De Soto Flat Fender Civilian Power Wagon and Military Export (1946-1978)
[Vehicle Type E] Dodge US Made M37, M43 & Variants (1951-1968)

[Vehicle Type F] Dodge Canadian M37, M43 & Variants (1951-1956)


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