New M37 & Open Cab Variants Fiberglass Hard Top - M37HRDTP

Vintage Power Wagons

  • $1,200.00

Black & white image shown has been manipulated to highlight this product. Actual product color is light gray and is easily paintable.

• Strong, lightweight fiberglass construction with added inside ribs for greater strength.
• Weatherstrip package included for an all season, waterproof seal.
• No modification required to your cab, canvas top supports, or windshield frame.
• Rear window surface molded into the cab, just like the original steel top (gives you the ability of simply cutting and opening for an optional rear window*) Easily installed 2 piece rear window weatherstrip included. *[Rear window laminated flat glass is not included but is available at most local glass shops.]
• Top is easily trimmed for variations in cab dimensions for a perfect fit.
• Uses original cab bow hardware (except top bow) for extra added support.
• Easy to follow detailed instructions - top can be installed in less than 2 hours!
• Removal & installation of top (once originally installed) takes only a few minutes, allowing you to switch back and forth between hardtop and canvas quickly and easily.
• Top stays secured to windshield frame and cab without modification or drilling.


[Vehicle Type E] US Made M37 & Open Cab Variants (1951-1968)
[Vehicle Type F] Canadian M37 & Open Cab Variants (1951-1956)

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