New 1-Ton Flat Fender Power Wagon Non-Winch Lower Grille Guard - CC1095556-N

Vintage Power Wagons

  • $189.00

These new grilles were produced at a local metal fabrication shop that uses a CAD process. The outer frame was laser notched to give exact spacing for the bars.
Our once plentiful stock of used non-winch lower grille sections has been depleted, but we are lucky to have a local manufacturer working with us on producing these new lower Flat Fender Power Wagon grilles. We are pleased to announce that these are now available, but quantities are limited. 


[Vehicle Type D] Dodge, Fargo & De Soto Flat Fender Civilian Power Wagon (1946-1968) & Military Export (1957-1978) Non-Winch Models Only

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