New K-Series Shop Manual 1957 - RBK-421

New K-Series Shop Manual 1957 - RBK-421

Vintage Power Wagons

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This OEM 1957 Dodge Truck K Series Workshop Manual is a reproduction of the initial service guide released by the Dodge Division.

The 1957 Dodge truck range stood out for its remarkable design, largely thanks to Virgil Exner. You might wonder, "Who is Virgil Exner?" He was a pivotal figure in automotive design, contributing to Chrysler's innovative "Forward Look" in the 1950s. By the time 1957 rolled around, Dodge trucks had adopted this eye-catching design, already beloved by car enthusiasts. But Dodge's appeal wasn't just skin deep. Beneath the stylish exterior lay formidable power, epitomized by the Hemi V-8 engine, earning Dodge trucks the moniker "Power Giant" for their robust performance.

Before diving into maintenance or repair tasks for your vintage Dodge truck, ensure you have this manual at your disposal. It's brimming with crucial information covering a wide range of components and systems: from the front and rear axles, bodywork, and brakes to the clutch, cooling system, electrical setups, engines of various configurations, exhaust, chassis frame, fuel system, lubrication, driveshafts, shock absorbers and springs, steering systems, transmissions, and wheels and tires.

This service manual is your go-to resource for everything from basic maintenance tips to comprehensive rebuilding guides. It is not only composed of clearly written instructions but is also enriched with visual aids to ensure precision and efficiency in your work. You'll find diagrams, black and white photos, cross-sectional views, illustrations, detailed breakdowns, and even wiring schematics.


  • 1957 Dodge D100 Pickup Truck
  • 1957 Dodge D200 Pickup Truck
  • 1957 Dodge D300 Pickup Truck
  • 1957 Dodge P300 Series Base Van
  • 1957 Dodge P400 Series Base Van
  • 1957 Dodge Power Wagon Truck
  • 1957 Dodge Truck
  • 1957 Dodge W100 Pickup Truck
  • 1957 Dodge W200 Pickup Truck
  • 1957 Dodge W300 Pickup Truck

This original factory service manual is indispensable for service, repair, restoration, and rebuilding projects. It features clear imagery and illustrations that provide exploded views, component details, and specifications on engine data, torque, carburetion, and more. This newly printed version of the original manufacturer's manual is your essential companion for ensuring your classic truck remains in peak condition, reflecting the innovative spirit of its era.

Provides service information regarding disassembly, repair, and assembly procedures, as well as a diagnosis of various conditions that may arise and their possible causes. Covers only 1957 W300 4x4 and all 2WD models.
Note: Does not cover drive train information for W100 or W200 models; for these trucks, use L-Series shop manual (RBK-422).

514 pages

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