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WWII 1/2 Ton WC, VF & VC Closed Cab Rear Window Grille Assembly CC844621

WWII WC 1/2 Ton Rear Window Grille
WWII WC 1/2 Ton Rear Window Grille

This original rear window grille is correct for WWII 1/2 Ton Closed Cab vehicles including WC-1, WC-5, WC-12, WC-14, WC-20, WC-38, WC-39, WC-40 and WC-41 (engineering codes: T-207, T-211 & T-215) as well as VC-1 through VC-5 (engineering code:T-202)  and also fits VF-401 through VF-406 (engineering code: T-203). It is in good condition and comes complete with mounting screws.

$250 SOLD

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