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Vehicle Type H

1 TON W300 4X4 & D300 2WD

Years mfg. 1958-71

W300 Main distinguishing features:

  • Dana 70 single or dual rear axle assembly

  • Dana 70 closed knuckle front axle assembly (1958-74)

  • New Process transfer case NP201(1958-68) and NP205(1969-74)

  • 4:89 axle gear ratio (standard)



D300 Main distinguishing features:

  • Dana 70 rear axle assembly

  • I-beam 2WD front axle

  • No transfer case


If you have a 1957 W300, please see Vehicle Type D. The 1957 W300 is flat fender Power Wagon and will not interchange with later W300 models.


1958-68 W300 & D300 models came factory with 6 hole wheels and later models (1969-74) use the 8 hole wheel.


Front fenders on 1961-71 models have a wider flare on the wheel well opening. Pickup models were equipped with a 9' Utiline (step side) bed. Also manufactured in limited quantities, few NOS parts are in existence for this truck. However, we stock many parts for these trucks.


1961-71 D300 models share many of the same parts with the 1961-1971 4x4 W-Series vehicles. The D-Series two-wheel-drive trucks use different front axles and drive shafts. Nearly all other parts should be interchangeable between D-Series and W-Series Dodge vehicles.

‘58-60 W300
Power Giant


‘61-71 W300

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