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Vehicle Type G

1/2 TON W100 4X4 & D100 2WD AND
3/4 TON W200 4X4 & D200 2WD

Years mfg. 1957-71

Includes Town Wagon, Town Panel, Power Giants, and Crew Cab Trucks

W100/200 Main distinguishing features:

  • 4.10 rear axle gear ratio (standard)

  • 4.09 front axle gear ratio (standard)

  • NP201 2 speed transfer case (1957-68)

  • NP205 transfer case (1969-71)

  • 1957-60 (Power Giant) models use a similar cab while later 1961-71 models were equipped with the later style cab.


D100/200 Main distinguishing features:

  • I-beam 2WD front axle

  • No transfer case

‘57-60 Power Giant 
Pickup W100; W200

Engines available for D-Series & W-Series trucks were:

  • 225 Slant 6 (1961-71)

  • 318 V-8 (1959-71)

  • 230 Flathead 6 (1957-60)

  • 315 V-8 (1957-58)


1957-58 W100s were equipped with either floating or non-floating Dodge Corporate Rear axle assembly. W200-1957-60 models were equipped with a Dodge Corporate floating rear axle assembly, both used 6 hole wheels. 1959-68 W100 and 1961-71 W200 used the Dana 60 rear axle assembly equipped with 8 hole wheels. 1969-71 W100 had a non-floating Dodge Corporate rear axle assembly and used 5 hole wheels.


W100 (1957-71) models & 1957-60 W200 used the 3000-pound Dana 44 front axle assembly, while the W200 1961-71 were available with either the 3000 or 3500-pound Dana 44 front axle assembly.

The older style front sheet metal (1957-60), was continued until 1966 in the Town Wagon and Town Panel W100 series trucks. Pickups were built with either the Utiline, (step side) or Sweptline, (fleet side) bed with various lengths available. 1957-60 trucks and 1957-66 Town Wagon/Town Panels are distinguished by the wrap around windshield and vertical hinge pillar post. Later 1961-71 cabs have a sloping hinge pillar post and a considerably wider cab. Rear windows were available in 2 sizes. Because these trucks were never ordered in large quantities by the Military, spare parts availability is more difficult; however we do have a large stock on most parts.


1961-71 D-Series (2WD) Dodge vehicles such as D100 & D200 share many of the same parts with the 1961-1971 4x4 W-Series vehicles. The D-Series two-wheel-drive trucks use different front axles and drive shafts. Nearly all other parts should be interchangeable between D-Series and W-Series Dodge vehicles.

‘57-66 W100 Town Wagon

‘‘61-71 W200 Utiline Pickup

‘61-71 W100 Sweptline Pickup

‘‘61-71 W200 Crew Cab

1961-71 W100, W200, D100 and D200 Pickups were usually equipped with either Sweptline or Utiline Beds.

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