Power Wagon Rally Update - Health Concerns - Shipping/Supply Delays

33rd Annual Power Wagon Rally Update

We have had a lot of folks asking if we will be cancelling our Annual Rally and to this we must say that we do not have definite plans to cancel the Annual Rally at this time but there is a possibility that it could happen. We are going to wait until April 15th at which point we will decide whether or not to cancel Rally. If by the 15th of April we are still seeing a lot of folks under strict orders to stay inside and not travel, we will likely be forced to cancel the Rally but we are currently still doing what we can to keep everything on schedule. We will be sure to keep everyone up-to-date on any changes that manifest. If Rally cancellation happens, we will update everyone after April 15th in regards to refunding Rally Registration fees. If you had reservations with one of the local hotels here in Fairfield Iowa, we ask that you call them to verify or cancel your reservations depending on your situation.

Health Concerns At Vintage Power Wagons

We know many of you are quite concerned for your health at this time and we would like to do our part in keeping everyone safe. Due to the onset of Covid-19, we ask that you refrain from visiting Vintage Power Wagons until further notice as we want t