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New ARB 20,000lb Winch Snatch Block

This snatch block greatly increases the versatility of any vehicle mounted or portable winch, enabling you to retrieve loads that are double the winch's normal capacity. This will also allow you to winch from varying angles when pulling straight ahead isn't the best option or options are limited to awkward angles. Manufactured from high quality components, ARB snatch blocks feature side plates that sit snug against the pulley, eliminating the possibility of the winch cable becoming trapped between the pulley and the side plates. The groove of the pulley tapers down to the center allowing for a variety of cable sizes (1/4"-1/2") to be used and ensures the cable is seated securely minimizing lateral movement.


  • Works with steel or synthetic winch lines

  • 6mm cold rolled steel side plates

  • Light weight design

  • Doubles the capacity of your winch

  • Engineered tough for serious recovery

  • 38,500lb (17,500kg)​ breaking strength

  • Vehicle recovery booklet enclosed

Part #N20KWSB $135

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