New 14 Inch Brake Drums Are Here!

We've spent the past few years in a constant search for good brake drums, so we are extremely excited to be able to offer a new 14" brake drum that is very close to the original. The new drums include the original inspection hole to allow you to check the condition of your brake shoes without even taking a lug nut off. Differing from the original three-piece drums, the new drums are a one-piece casting that has been machined and is nearly ready to bolt on. However, when each drum is assembled with a hub, this will slightly change the shape of the brake drum. After mating the new drum to your hub, the brake surface will need trued, a simple job for any shop with a brake lathe. Please be sure to contact us with any technical questions you may have about this process.

There are 2 options you have when purchasing new brake drums from Vintage Power Wagons: