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New 1 Ton Civilian Power Wagon & WWII WC Leaf Springs Are Here!

These brand new leaf springs were made in the USA for Vintage Power Wagons and will fit more than just the Civilian Power Wagons.

The 11 leaf front springs will fit Civilian Power Wagon, WWII WC 3/4 Ton & WWII WC 1-1/2 Ton 6x6.

The 12 leaf rear springs will fit Civilian Power Wagon & WWII WC 3/4 Ton, except for the WC54 Ambulance.

If you're looking for WWII WC 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 rear springs, we have them available NOS for $195 (Part #CC926170).

NOTE: We are in the process making the WWII WC 1/2 Ton springs so be sure to keep an eye on the news section of our website or sign up for our newsletter, where we will post an update when production is complete.

New Civilian Power Wagon, WC 3/4 Ton & WC 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 Front Leaf Springs

Vehicle Type: B,C,D

Replaces CC1090570, CC1272998 & more

Part #CC1273201-N

$350 Each


New Civilian Power Wagon & WC 3/4 Ton Rear Leaf Springs

Vehicle Type: B,D

Replaces CC920987, CC1189425, CC1189875 & CC1271367

Part #CC1273003-N

$450 Each

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