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New Early & Late Civilian Power Wagon Fuel Tank Filler Necks

Until recently, we had been researching and testing the best ways to reproduce the Civilian Power Wagon fuel tank filler necks. Several attempts were made but none of them were close enough to the original for us to stock our shelves with. We now have a method that has had some great results and we may have even improved the design a little without sacrificing the aesthetics of the original neck.

Originally, these were made from 20 gauge steel which is considerably thinner than the 16 gauge steel we used for our new filler necks.

We've replaced the 7/16" vent tube with a 3/8" tube and the bung at the end of the neck looks very close to the original but is a little bit thicker.

One of the biggest problems with the original design was not so much the design itself, but the thin metal that was used. The other issue with the later filler tube is that the tooling used to create the bend of the neck, wrinkled the metal in that area.

These 2 issues combined are what usually causes the rust problem on the late necks. What happens is that the slight wrinkles in the bend of the neck (often coupled with a worn out grommet) create just enough of a gap between your filler neck grommet and the neck to allow water to get past the seal of the grommet.

You'll see the same thing on nearly every original late filler neck, no matter how nice it might seems at first glance, upon closer inspection, rust holes are usually found around the filler neck grommet.

You will notice on our design that the tooling wrinkles are not present. We hope the rust problem with the predecessors will not be the case with the new ones. With that said, we do still recommend that you replace your filler neck grommet every 8-10 years to minimize the chance of rust in this area.

The original filler neck caps as well as our new filler neck caps will fit these new filler tubes. The early filler neck will fit 1946-1950 Civilian Power Wagons & the late filler neck will fit 1951-1971 Civilian Power Wagons.

Early Power Wagon Fuel Tank Filler Neck

Vehicle Type: D (1946-1950)

Part #CC1189311-N

$175 Each


Late Power Wagon Fuel Tank Filler Neck

Vehicle Type: D (1951-1971)

(Replaces CC1271300) Part #CC1271298-N

$150 Each

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