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We would like to remind everyone that June 2nd through June 9th we will be hosting our 32nd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally. We are currently working on our events schedule and will post the completed schedule as soon as we have everything ironed out.

We look forward to another great year with our extended rally family and we hope to see a lot of new faces & vehicles as well. We hope you will join us for our 32nd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally!

10% Off All Orders Over $200!

As our appreciation to our customers and to celebrate the holiday season, we're offering this sale for all orders over $200 from December 4th until the end of December.

Notice: This offer excludes custom wiring harnesses and all bearings. Your order must contain $200 worth of parts that are included in the sale to receive the 10% discount on your order.

We will be closed on Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th but will be open from Wednesday the 26th through Friday the 28th and open on Monday the 31st.

Vehicle Type: A,B,C,D,E,F

Finally there is a new aftermarket 17" wheel that will fit your Budd wheel pattern! These wheels are 17” x 8” with 7.5” backspacing and a .875” lug stud hole so they will be easier to center while mounting. They are made from a 17" wheel ring that is welded to a pressed, thicker center that is differs from the factory original wheels. These wheels bear a very close resemblance to the original and will allow for more tire options than the original Budd wheels.

New Aftermarket Traditional Style 5-Hole 17" Wheel

Part #CC1261521-N17 $350 each

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