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Vintage Power Wagons News

Our 33rd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally will take place May 31st through June 7th 2020. We are currently working on the events schedule and will post it when complete. We hope to see you there!

We had recently posted an update stating that the Trail Rides scheduled at Phillips Farm throughout the week were cancelled. It looks like things are really drying up out there so we are very happy to inform you that the Trail Rides at Phillips Farm will now happen as originally scheduled. Please see the updated Online Rally Schedule for details on all changes to events.

As many of you may have noticed, the weather this year has been unpredictable and harsh in certain areas of the US. We have had our share of rain and storms here in Iowa that has resulted in some flooding and soft ground in a lot of areas.

This could cause issues for folks traveling to and from Rally and it has caused us to rethink scheduled events, some of which have to be cancelled or moved.

We want to make sure everyone who is planning on attending Rally is aware of the weather, road conditions and changes to events, so please take some time to read the following important updates:

Road Conditions

-For those of you heading this way for Rally, please make yourself aware of the road conditions along your path to Rally. Several routes in Southeast Iowa were recently flooded-out and may remain closed at this time.

-For Iowa road conditions please visit 511 and be sure to check the road conditions in all the states you are traveling through.

Be sure to double-check any unpaved roads you may be traveling down and have some form of communication on hand at all times in case you have any issues along the way to Rally or during any Rally events.


There will be no Trailer Parking available at the Fairgrounds.

For those of you with trailers who are staying in hotels, we ask that, if possible, you park your trailers at the hotel. Additional trailer parking is available at Vintage Power Wagons in the Northwest lot (West of the 4-bay shop) as well as parking East of the loading dock by the 5 cargo containers. When those lots fill up, we also have parking available next to the highway by Napa. Please be extra careful before driving off any paved surfaces, especially with trailers.

Changes to Events

-Until further notice, all Trail Rides at Phillips Farm have been cancelled due to flooding and soft ground. This may change if we continue to get some dry weather so be sure to check the Online Rally Schedule for updates.

-The Wiener Roast that was scheduled at Phillips Farm on Thursday June 6th has been moved to the Fairgrounds as we don't want to risk getting rained on without some shelter from possible weather.

We advise that everyone checks the Online Rally Schedule daily and if you see clouds rolling in, check it again as we are not sure what to expect weather-wise.

If you are unable to get online, please ask the folks in the Cambridge building at the Fairgrounds or get in contact with a Vintage Power Wagons employee for updates.

We are all looking forward to this Rally and we thank you all for taking the time to read this message. Let's have some fun but make sure we are putting safety first.

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