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Rally Update - Trail Rides

We had recently posted an update stating that the Trail Rides scheduled at Phillips Farm throughout the week were cancelled. It looks like things are really drying up out there so we are very happy to inform you that the Trail Rides at Phillips Farm will now happen as originally scheduled. Please see the updated Online Rally Schedule for details on all changes to events.

Important Power Wagon Rally Update - Weather & Changes to Events

As many of you may have noticed, the weather this year has been unpredictable and harsh in certain areas of the US. We have had our share of rain and storms here in Iowa that has resulted in some flooding and soft ground in a lot of areas. This could cause issues for folks traveling to and from Rally and it has caused us to rethink scheduled events, some of which have to be cancelled or moved. We want to make sure everyone who is planning on attending Rally is aware of the weather, road conditions and changes to events, so please take some time to read the following important updates: Road Conditions -For those of you heading this way for Rally, please make yourself aware of the road conditi

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