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New Early & Late Civilian Power Wagon Fuel Tank Filler Necks

Until recently, we had been researching and testing the best ways to reproduce the Civilian Power Wagon fuel tank filler necks. Several attempts were made but none of them were close enough to the original for us to stock our shelves with. We now have a method that has had some great results and we may have even improved the design a little without sacrificing the aesthetics of the original neck. Originally, these were made from 20 gauge steel which is considerably thinner than the 16 gauge steel we used for our new filler necks. We've replaced the 7/16" vent tube with a 3/8" tube and the bung at the end of the neck looks very close to the original but is a little bit thicker. One of the big

New Tire Offerings: Michelin 900 x 16 XL & Michelin 1100 x 16 XZL Tires

We have several sets of 900 x 16 Michelin XL tires (New-2007 date code) available. Michelin 900x16 XL Tires Part #M90016XL $450 Per Tire We also have 1100 x 16 Michelin XZL tires (New-2008 date code) available (only 2 sets of 5 new XZL tires available at this time). Call us to reserve a set for your build! Michelin 1100x16 XZL Tires Part #M110016XZL $680 Per Tire

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