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2016 VPW Rally Shirts Are Here!

Here's a sneak peek at the 29th Annual International Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally T-shirt design. Shirt colors available for this design are sand, maroon, blue dusk, military green, sport gray, purple & black. We also have youth and toddler sizes in sport gray only.

New Vintage Power Wagons Newsletter

We are in the process of releasing a newsletter through new software as our old newsletter software was out-of-date. The new software we are using to create and email this newsletter will not allow us to send our first newsletter to all our subscribers at once, due to new spam filtering restrictions. Instead, we will be sending the newsletter out to all our subscribers in smaller groups over the next several days. To ease the transition into the new software, we are making the newsletter available from the link below. Future newsletters will be sent all subscribers without any restrictions. Vintage Power Wagons Email Newsletter If you would like to sign up to receive future newsletters, go t

New Left Frame Brake Tube Tees Now Available

For years now, we have only had these available in used condition. We are now offering the new ones at the same price we had been charging for used ones. These nice new brake tees will fit WWII 1/2 Ton 4x4, WWII WC 3/4 Ton 4x4, WWII WC 1-1/2 Ton 6x6 and the 1 Ton Flat Fender Power Wagons. Vehicle Type: A,B,C,D Part #CC921828-N $25 Each

Small Cache of NOS MU-2 Winches Recently Found

It's been quite a while since we have come across an NOS MU-2 winch, but we recently found several! They're all in great shape and have been well preserved. These original MU-2 winches are complete (minus cable and chain) and are ready to be installed. The rear base angle mounting brackets are correct for WM300 with a 251 engine but we will swap the bracket out (at no cost) for the earlier type, if you need one for a WC 3/4 ton, WC 1-1/2 ton 6x6 or 1946-60 flat fender Power Wagon. These won't last long, so order yours today! Complete NOS MU-2 Winch (please specify vehicle type when ordering) Vehicle Type: B,C,D Part #CC1088217-N $2250 Each

Reproduction Early 1/2 Ton Louvered Blue Lens Black Out Marker Lights

Here's a new product that we have not offered before. The original blackout marker lights for early WWII 1/2 ton Dodge are hard to find as many were damaged or missing from the few surviving vehicles. These high-quality reproduction blackout marker lights will replace the original ones that were only used on first series 1/2 ton WWII vehicles (WC1 through WC11) and the 1/2 ton prototype. Vehicle Type: A (early T-207 & 1/2 ton prototype only) Replaces Part #CC914332 Part #CC914280-N $80 Each

New Double-Face LED Pedestal Lamp with Chrome Plated Housing

Units come with Red & Amber lenses (reversable). LEDs make these lights brighter than your average pedestal lamps. The chrome plating and simple style will help your vehicle maintain a vintage look while adding safety and functionality. 12 Volt 21 Diode 4.5 inch Diameter Vehicle Type: ALL Part #NDF-LED-PL $69 Each

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