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Vintage Power Wagons News

Updated: May 26

Our NEW web store is ready for testing! Most of the elements of our new online store are complete and ready to be tested. Orders can be placed & shipped through the new store at this stage. We will be inviting those who sign up to be early testers in incremental groups prior to full store launch. Please note: not all of our products are available online. More details will be shared if/when you are selected to participate.

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We've just listed this vehicle for sale! See pricing and information here!

Update: Vehicle is now SOLD!

As we prepare for our 3rd batch of new Ring & Pinions, we are offering a limited time pre-purchase price of $595 per set for orders of 4:89 & 4:30 Ring & Pinions. To qualify for this special pricing, Ring & Pinion orders must be pre-paid in full by 5 PM central time, May 1st, 2022.

All sales of new Ring & Pinions sets after May 1st will pay the full retail price of $629 per set. If all goes well, we expect the new sets to ship out by Fall 2022. There are a lot of variables surrounding this situation but no matter what, the more sets we pre-sell, the closer we will be to our target production goal. If you are interested in ordering or if you have a backorder on file with us for 4:89 or 4:30 Ring and Pinions, please contact us today so you can lock in your price of $595. All sales are final on pre-order Ring & Pinion Sets.

Vehicle Type: (B late), C ,D, E, F - also fits various 1945-60 3/4 & 1-ton 2WD models with 9-5/8” differentials

New Large 9-5/8”, 4:89 Ring & Pinion Set

Part # CC1265599

Special Pre-Order Price: $595 each

(Regular Price of $629)

New Large 9 5/8”, 4:30 Ring & Pinion Set

Part # CC1265599-430

Special Pre-Order Price: $595 each

(Regular Price of $629)

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