We knew that Gordon had a long time relationship with him, so we asked him to personally introduce him and here is what he had to say about Bert.“I first met Bert at an Iowa Power Wagon rally in Fairfield. He came with his wife, Madge, having driven their truck all the way to the rally. “No trailer for us,” they said.

  “Bert is regular folks. He was a working person all of his life, and I believe a mechanic and craftsman for much of that time. In conversations with him at the rally, and from some hand written letters that he sent me, it became apparent that he has a good depth of theoretical knowledge on the operation of trucks and their systems, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in repairs of all kinds.

  ”I think, from what I can tell, that he owns nothing but work clothes, and is completely at ease with himself. He and Madge make a great pair, with lots of laughing and joking. They have been together for many years, and will drive off into the sunset in their Dodge together.

“Bert and Madge have come to quite a number of rallies in Fairfield, but usually can't stay long, as they have to make time for the trip on the road in the roomy, three man cab. I am sure they will be back again someday.


“I do enjoy communicating with Bert and learning his views on the ways of Dodge.”


Gordon Maney

The Power Wagon Advertiser


Some time ago, our good friend Gordon Maney of The Power Wagon Advertiser, told us about a guy named Bert. He seemed real interesting and the kind of guy you would all enjoy meeting..