1957 Dodge Power Wagon W200 Prototype Serial #1

This truck is the 1957 Dodge W200 Power Giant Serial #1. It was purchased from a family in Colorado who told us that it was the very first 1957 W200 Power Wagon ever built. We thought they meant that 1957 was the first year for W200 and didn't realize until later checking the serial number information in the 1957 K Series Shop Manual, that this vehicle was in fact the very first ever Dodge W200.

The truck is 12 Volt with a 315 V8, 4:09 gear ratio on the front and 4:10 in the rear. It starts, runs, drives and has working brakes.The vehicle underwent a frame on preservation that started about 7 years ago which took about 2 years to complete (no major work was done to the undercarriage). It is the very first of only (105) 1957 W200's produced that originally had 230 engines (according to the build info we have found). Though the build info for this truck says it should be equipped with a 230 engine, it's possible that because it was the very first, it may have also been the factory test vehicle for the 315 engines that were to go in the (202) 1957 W200 V8 Power Giant that were later produced. This would explain why we see a 315 instead of a 230 engine under the hood. We have no way of knowing for sure the exact story of the engine but we do know the truck was in fact a prototype as there were never any holes drilled for emblems.

Beyond the fact that this is Serial #1, the wraparound rear window is another rare aspect of this truck as this style of window was an uncommon option only available from 1956-1960.

Condition info: The rear crossmember has some slight welding on 2 of the rivets on the underside. The rear window gasket is receding from the cab on the top, drivers side and needs to be replaced. There are multiple small sections where the paint has chipped away or cracked. The body still has some small dents, and needs a new paint job. This truck came from western Colorado and had minimal rust so very little body filler was used to fill in dents. No major body patches were done with body filler. The rear main seal is leaking and will need to be replaced (we have included a new seal for the buyer to install). The passenger side, top, rear corner of the cab had a 8" x 8" x 8" section replaced from another '57 cab. It has a reproduction tailgate and original front fenders. It has different bed sides and rear fenders but all are from a '57 as well. We do still have the original rear fenders and bedsides and will include them with the vehicle if requested.

We are sad to see this truck leave but we just simply do not have time to give this truck the restoration it deserves. We are hoping this truck can go to a new home where it can be fully restored and brought to its pinnacle so it may spend the rest of its days in the spotlight of the classic truck world.

Vehicle has clean title. Please contact us with any questions you might have.


$50,000 OBO

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